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Internal Affairs

Lt. Bobby Russell
Everyone associated with law enforcement quickly recognizes the term "IA" as Internal Affairs.

The unit is responsible for functions critical to the agency's ability to maintain discipline, comply with state and local laws, and maintain a professional working environment. These functions include the investigation of complaints of officer misconduct ranging from discourteous behavior to criminal allegations. Complaints may originated from anyone - the general public, employees, police officers, prisoners, etc., and may be filed against any employee, from the sheriff to the new-hire.

Lt. David Meade
Sheriff Anderson has committed to maintaining a strong and independent IA unit in order to keep the trust and confidence of the community. The goal is to apply investigative skills and training to quickly resolve each case. Officers assigned here receive training in Computerized Voice Stress Analysis, Internal Affairs, Backgrounds, and Special Investigations.

Sullivan County Sheriff
P.O. Box 589
Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 279-7500

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