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Administrative Division and Operations Division Training

Andy Seabolt
Training Captain
Training is a continuous process to ensure officers perform assigned tasks with maximum efficiency to protect their safety and provide the best possible service to the public. The training supplied to over 100 Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified full - time officers as well as over 50 Reserve Officers is consistent with the agency's goals and objectives. It has been sufficient to maintain a high level of proficiency in field assignments, as well as presenting updates in current law enforcement trends, new or revised case laws, new or revised agency policy, CALEA standards, and new or innovative investigative techniques. In addition to POST mandated 40 - hour annual in - service training requirements, specialized training is offered in many curriculums.

Some of these curriculums include:

  • Field Training Officer

  • Firearms Instructor

  • Police Instructor Development

  • Radar Operator

  • Basic SWAT

  • Active Shooter Instructor

  • Basic Patrol

  • Officer Survival

    The Sheriff's Office utilizes certified in - house instructors for this training.

    Regularly, specialized classes are hosted by the agency from outside sources. These classes vary by year, but are normally offered as part of Walter's State's or the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy's in - service programs. The Sheriff's Office receives free training for hosting these sessions.

    Some of the regularly or recently offered topics include:

  • Street Survival

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Leadership and Team Building

  • Mid Level Management

  • First Line Supervision

    If you wish to speak to Captain Seabolt, you may contact him by:


  • Corrections Division Training

    The mission of the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office Corrections Training Division is to provide the best training available to our Corrections Officers, so they can continue to provide a safe and secure facility for staff, inmates, and the public. The Corrections Training Division is responsible for providing in-service training to 89 state-certified Corrections Officers. The training division develops and delivers a state-approved 40-hour curriculum to all state-certified officers each year, including 16 hours of training by the Tennessee Corrections Institute. The training varies from year to year. Specialized training offered includes High Risk Transport, Special Operations Response Team, Instructor Development, and Supervision Leadership.

    Sullivan County Sheriff
    P.O. Box 589
    Blountville, TN 37617
    (423) 279-7500

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