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Fleet Maintenance

Virgil Claman
The Fleet Maintenance unit currently consists of three technicians. We are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of 197 vehicles currently being used by the agency. Our fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles - both Ford and GM cars, trucks, vans, and buses.

Regular maintenance is performed at 5,000-mile intervals. These scheduled services include but are not limited to oil changes, brakes service, suspension service, and any other service and/or repairs needed as requested by the assigned driver. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule on each vehicle makes it possible to evaluate each vehicle's overall condition and also contributes toward extending the life of the vehicle as long as possible, a very important factor when vehicle replacement is becoming more and more expensive.

Chris Davis
Some of the other duties required of the Fleet Maintenance unit include upfitting our vehicles with the emergency equipment that is required for law enforcement vehicles for reasons of safety by the state and for accreditation by CALEA. This law enforcement equipment includes cages to separate the prisoners from the drivers, shotgun mounts in the trunks of the patrol cars, flashing/rotating lights and strobes, sirens and/or other audible warning equipment such as public address microphone and radio speakers, lighted "pull over" indicators, and a plethora of other safety and visibility equipment designed to protect the officers as well as the public.

Due to the constant changes in vehicles and equipment, we are always in the learning process. The technology used today in law enforcement vehicles is getting more advanced each year. We must keep a close eye on the automotive industry as well as the progress being made in emergency equipment in order to better serve our agency.

Richard McDavid
Overall, our goal is to provide fast and reliable service and repairs on the vehicles operated by our agency's employees, and to ensure that any employee who operates one of our vehicles - patrol officers, CID investigators, process/court officers, prisoner transportation officers, administrative personnel, corrections personnel, maintenance personnel, and any other employee who, by taking one of our vehicles out on the road, puts his/her life in our hands, can do so with full confidence that the vehicle is safe and in good working order. We also continue to work with other county departments and agencies in order to provide the best possible service to our community and jurisdiction.

Sullivan County Sheriff
P.O. Box 589
Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 279-7500

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