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Corrections Administrative Captain

Bruce Bullis
Administrative Captain
The mission of our correctional division is to help provide a safe environment for inmates, employees, and the public by employing well-trained officers of high integrity who work as a well-coordinated team.

The Administrative Captain is responsible for the daily decisions regarding the units that support the daily operations of the Correctional Facilities. These units include:

  • Food Service - prepare 3 meals a day for inmates housed in both facilities. Average daily population: 625.
  • Day Reporting Program - allow short-term sentenced misdemeanants to perform public service under the supervision of the Sheriff's Office without requiring them to be housed overnight.
  • Medical (Health Services) - provide medical care to the inmate population with a daily staff of RN's and LPN's. We also have contracted an outside dentist who makes bi-weekly visits and an outside physician who makes weekly visits and is available for emergency consultation.
  • Training - develops and plans annual in-service training for all employees of the correctional division.
  • Commissary - operates in full compliance with all applicable laws governing a cashless inmate banking-commissary at all levels of government. The commissary efficiently and promptly fulfills the daily needs of the inmates confined in our facility.
  • Work Release - coordinates with the work release commission in ensuring that only those inmates who qualify are placed on work release.
    All other inmate programs - includes, when available, drug and alcohol classes, Bible study classes, parenting classes, and GED classes.

  • Sullivan County Sheriff
    P.O. Box 589
    Blountville, TN 37617
    (423) 279-7500

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