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Volunteers may perform specific service projects for the Sheriff's Office. They receive training for the specific tasks they are expected to perform. The amount of training depends upon the duties to which they are assigned.

Some schools grant academic credit to high school students (called "cadets") and college students (called "interns") who work with the Sheriff's Office in a volunteer capacity. Cadets and interns may be paid by their schools or other organizations, but they receive no compensation or benefits from the Sheriff's Office. We attempt to help these students learn about local government, the criminal justice system, and the law enforcement field while they assist employees with administrative tasks.

Volunteers working in a civilian capacity are not police officers, do not carry weapons, have no arrest powers, and perform only non-law enforcement duties. They function under the direct supervision of full-time employees. All volunteers must comply with all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the SCSO. They must never have been convicted for, pled guilty to, or pled nolo contendere or "no contest" to any felony charge, unless the charge has been officially pardoned or expunged. Volunteers must have good moral character. The Sheriff's Office may conduct a background investigation on volunteers to verify their suitability to work in a law enforcement agency.

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