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The SCSO Fugitive Apprehension Unit remains the only one in existence in East Tennessee. It contributes to the safety and well being of Sullivan County Citizens by making arrests of wanted fugitives and criminals with outstanding valid orders to arrest. The unit will execute any and all warrants efficiently and effectively with safety and professionalism. Each unit member possesses high moral and ethical standards along with a deep-rooted need to protect all citizens. The acts of diligent search and investigation are constant duties of each officer assigned to the unit. The members of this unit must be resourceful with excellent fact finding abilities and the stamina to follow up on details and leads. Members of this unit rely on and act upon information passed on by concerned citizens and community leaders.

The removal of undesirable elements and dangerous offenders from our communities and neighborhoods is a source of pride for each unit member. The presence of our specialized unit has caused several changes in our county, all at no extra cost to the citizens:

  • Neighborhoods are safer due to the absence of dangerous felons.

  • Property value depreciation due to the presence of a criminal element has decreased where there is no longer a criminal element.

  • Business proprietors have been able to recover losses when perpetrators who have been ordered to make restitution were arrested.

  • County funds have been supplemented by payment of court costs by those arrested.

  • There has been a lasting deterrence of criminal activity.

    This unit is an aggressive and vigilant opponent of crime and criminals in the war to keep our communities safe.

  • Fugitive Apprehension Team

    Sullivan County Sheriff
    P.O. Box 589
    Blountville, TN 37617
    (423) 279-7500

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