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Special Operations Response Team

The Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is primarily utilized in emergency situations within The Sullivan County Correctional Facility, ranging from the removal of a violent or unruly inmate to quelling or preventing disturbances involving multiple inmates. The team may also be used to aid in the control of contraband that may threaten the safety of inmates and officers. The SORT Team is also available for public demonstrations.

The less-than-lethal equipment at the team's disposal includes the Pepper Ball Launcher that launches plastic balls filled with pepper powder. It operated much like a paint-ball gun, using compressed air to propel the projectile. Another item is the stun shield, which is used for crowd control and cell security during the removal of violent inmates. This device has low amperage current conducted through metallic strips located on the shield's surface.

The team's most important resource is its members. They have a profound sense of unity and duty, enabling them to perform their task with fluid precision and professionalism.

Sullivan County Sheriff
P.O. Box 589
Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 279-7500

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